What Model Publishing Company Are You?

About Little Red Wings

Little Red Wings Publishing, or LRW for short, has been a twinkle in the eyes of the owner for many years. But, it has finally taken flight in late 2014. LRW was designed to publish, host, market, and sell Red Hope's original stories. LRW is considered a self-publishing company and therefor handles each step of the process to bring quality, lesbian stories to readers.

So, you may wonder why the name "Little Red Wings"? As some readers know, Red Hope has been a private pilot for a number of years. Flying has become an integral part of her life. It was a perfect fit to bring her two favorite hobbies into one place. It is LRW's hope that each reader can feel as if they take flight when they read a story. For Red Hope, the beauty of both flight and writing are one and the same.

For those not familiar with the writer, Red Hope, there's room for a pretty biography. However, LRW likes the juicy stuff, just like in stories. Under the penname Red Hope, Lillian has been writing for over ten years as a fanfiction writer, mainly in the Xena Warrior Princess fandom. What a great experience too as she learned plenty about writing styles, grammar, spelling, and what reader's liked in the plot. Or sometimes did not like too! After years and years of deciding and wanting to publish, she figured out the best course of action. Being particular and a perfectionist, she had to do it her way! Of course. And thanks to her business degree, she is able to own and operate a self-publishing company. So here we are today, happily.

An old tradition that Red Hope continues in her writing is the use of epithets. From the very beginning of her writing, Red Hope has been using epithets to describe her characters. Much of this was learned from her time within the Xena Warrior Princess fandom. Today, she continues to use this writing technique to add variation and depth to her stories.

Similarly, LRW plans to be a different kind of self-publishg company. We wish to continue Red Hope's tradition of keeping the ties between reader and writer close. At LRW, we do not believe in the traditional methods of publishing, and we hope readers will take advantage of something different and new. As always, LRW will rely on the readers' continued support, interaction, and feedback. As a reader, if you wish to contact LRW, please do so without hesitation. We love to hear from readers!

As Amelia Earhart once said, "There's more to life than being a passenger." So, climb onboard, via the cockpit.

-Little Red Wings.