How the Shadow Fell

Well, welcome to the hangar for How the Shadow Fell!   =)

If you have arrived here, then you have discovered an exciting story in the making, design, and creation process. The story, How the Shadow Fell, (or as we like to call it HtSF 'cause it'll save some time) is an upcoming story subscription that is being hosted by Little Red Wings and written by Red Hope. Here at LRW, we like to write and publish our fictional novels differently than the traditional means. At LRW, you, as the reader, have a chance to participate in the process of the story's creation instead of just picking up a book after the ink has been applied to the paper.

To decide whether to join HtSF's subscription can be a major decision. Afterall, the premises may not be your type of fiction. So down below, LRW provides sufficient details about the story (without too much spoiler material) to aid readers in deciding whether or not they would like to join. There are also more specific details, terms, and conditions for a story subscription, which is important to read too. However, this page solely focuses on the details for this particular story. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at anytime, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

- Basic Data -
Title: How the Shadow Fell
Author: Red Hope
Literature Form: Novel
Estimated Word Count: 150,000+
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Sub-Genre(s): Science Fiction & Adventure
Fiction Rating: M (Contains content suitable for mature teens & older. - Fiction Ratings)
Language: English

- Synopsis -
Set after the modern age has become ancient, humans struggle to survive against an ongoing plague that has turned most humans into mindless Dre'ed and mutated others into a new species known as the Mengil. Among the humans is a race of women known as Amazons. Like their ancient ancestors, the Amazons are warrior women protected behind walls among their nations. For hundreds of generations, the Amazons have expanded across the lands and continue to rely heavily on their traditions to keep them safe from the plague. At their core, is their Shadowfall Queen, who comes from a long line of rulership since the very first nation. To ensure the nation's future, the Shadowfall Queen must produce a daughter to take her place or else the Amazons will fall. On the queen's twentieth birthday, she is required to participate in the Breeder's Ceremony. However, the nation's queen is mysteriously kidnapped leaving the nation on the verge of self-destruction and war. To find and save the queen, the princess volunteers herself and enlists her friends for help. But, in a desperate attempt, the nation also hires a shunned and feared hybrid to accompany the rescuers. Long live Queen Kyara Carter! Or perhaps not...?